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Importing Amber Reed Diffuser from China

Are you looking for the amber reed diffuser? Here we can provide all amber reed diffusers with best quality and good prices. Welcome to quote us now to get instant catalog. 

amber reed diffuser
amber reed diffuser bottle

amber reed diffuser

This amber reed diffuser has the warm wood notes, and it is also a type of fragrance diffuser that uses alcohol-free fragrance oil and natural rattan reeds to release scent into the air. The amber vessel, inspired by traditional apothecary jars, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room.

Amber And Sandalwood Reed Diffuser​

amber and sandalwood reed diffuser

Indulge in the warm and inviting embrace of amber and sandalwood with our exquisite reed diffuser. Place this beautiful diffuser in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom and let the enchanting fragrance fill your space. The natural rattan reeds will gently release the scent, creating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. 

amber and moss reed diffuser

amber and Moss reed diffuser

We can customize the amber and moss reed diffuser to satisfy your requirement for your reed diffuser business. You can choose different color, volume, and we also support private label printing on the reed diffuser bottle. For more, quote us now to get free samples. 

aamber and moss reed diffuser

amber reed diffuser bottles

We source premium amber glass to ensure the enduring beauty of our diffusers. Our fragrance oil is carefully crafted to deliver a rich, warm, and long-lasting aroma of amber. 

square amber reed diffuser with packaging

Square Amber Reed Diffuser

We have any different shapes of amber reed diffuser, and this square amber reed diffuser is fashionable and well-designed. This square amber reed diffuser bottle is fashionable, and suitable for reed diffuser storage. We also can provide private label reed diffuser packaging for your customization. You are welcome to contact us anytime to ask for the samples. 

round amber reed diffuser

Round Amber Reed Diffuser

We are the leading reed diffuser manufacturer to customize all reed diffusers for you, including reed diffuser bottles, caps and reed diffuser sticks. This amber reed diffuser container is designer with a fashionable shape, good-looking, and suitable to decorate your house at the time while improving your house’ atmosphere. 

polygon amber reed diffuser

polygon amber reed diffuser

This polygon amber reed diffuser is used for reed diffuser storage, super beautiful and fashionable. Hexagon glass reed diffuser jar is super suitable for reed diffusers, and you can import these hexagon reed diffusers at competitive prices, for more detailed info, please quote us now. 

wholesale amber reed diffusers

wholesale amber reed diffusers

We can provide the wholesale amber reed diffusers for local reed diffuser business owners, and also we can customize the amber glass reed diffuser bottles with different shapes, sizes, volume and etc. For more, please feel free to contact us now to ask for the free samples. 

amber reed diffuser with label

amber reed diffuser with label

This is the colored amber reed diffuser, we can customize the private label for you to print on the surface of the amber glassware bottle. Different sizes, volumes can be selected to meet your satisfaction. For more details, please contact us now. 

leopard amber reed diffuser

leopard amber reed diffuser

Flexible for you to choose your desired amber reed diffuser surface, and these leopard amber reed diffusers are fashionable and beautiful. You can get these luxury glass bottles for your reed diffusers or scented candles. 

amber reed diffuser with glass cap

amber reed diffuser with glass cap

The regular amber reed diffuser can be designed with a glass cap, to prevent volatilization. The cylinder reed diffuser is the most popular reed diffuser in the market. Volume you can choose, 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, etc, and don’t hesitate to contact us now to get samples. 

Amber Reed Diffuser FAQs

An Amber Reed Diffuser is a decorative home fragrance option that consists of a glass bottle filled with scented liquid and reeds. The reeds absorb the fragrance and release it into the air, providing a continuous and subtle scent.

The reeds, typically made of natural materials like rattan, absorb the scented liquid in the bottle. As the fragrance travels up the reeds, it evaporates into the air, creating a pleasant and long-lasting aroma.

The lifespan of a diffuser depends on factors like the size of the bottle, the number of reeds, and the ambient temperature. On average, they can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Yes, you can control the intensity by adjusting the number of reeds in the bottle. More reeds will release a stronger scent, while fewer reeds will result in a milder fragrance.

While generally safe, it’s advisable to keep diffusers out of reach of pets and children. If ingested, the scented liquid can be harmful. Consult the product label for specific safety information.

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