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How Much Essential Oil in Reed Diffuser: A Comprehensive Guide

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Reed diffusers have become increasingly popular as a stylish and convenient way to infuse your living spaces with delightful fragrances. However, one common question that arises for enthusiasts and newcomers alike is, “How much essential oil should I use in a reed diffuser?”

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the art of reed diffusing, exploring the ideal oil-to-base ratio, safety considerations, and tips to make your space smell amazing.

Let’s get started!

What is a Reed Diffuser?

reed diffusers
reed diffusers

A reed diffuser is a decorative glass container filled with a base oil or solution that is infused with essential oils. Thin reed sticks or reeds are placed in the container, and they absorb the oil mixture, allowing it to evaporate and release the fragrance into the air.

The Appeal of Reed Diffusers

appeal of reed diffusers
appeal of reed diffusers

Reed diffusers have gained widespread popularity due to their unique and appealing characteristics that set them apart from other methods of adding fragrance to your living spaces. Here are some key aspects that make reed diffusers so appealing:

  • Continuous Fragrance Release: One of the most significant advantages of reed diffusers is their ability to provide a continuous and consistent release of fragrance. Unlike candles that need to be lit or electric diffusers that need to be turned on, reed diffusers work passively. The thin reeds absorb the scented oil and disperse it slowly into the surrounding air. This creates a subtle and long-lasting scent that permeates the room without the need for active intervention.
  • Low Maintenance: Reed diffusers are incredibly low-maintenance. Once set up, they require minimal attention. There’s no need to worry about extinguishing flames or refilling water tanks, as is the case with candles and electric diffusers. This makes reed diffusers a convenient choice for people with busy lifestyles or those who prefer a fuss-free way to enjoy fragrances.
  • No Heat or Electricity Required: Unlike many other fragrance delivery methods, reed diffusers do not rely on heat or electricity. This is particularly appealing because it eliminates potential safety hazards associated with open flames or hot surfaces. You can place a reed diffuser in any room without worrying about accidents or fire risks.
  • Customizable Scents: Reed diffusers offer the flexibility to create custom fragrance blends. By mixing different essential oils or using pre-made essential oil blends, you can tailor the scent to your personal preferences. This customization allows you to create a unique and inviting atmosphere in your home.
  • Decorative Element: Reed diffusers are not only functional but also serve as decorative pieces. They often come in elegant glass containers that add a touch of style to your home decor. Many people appreciate the aesthetic appeal of reed diffusers, as they can complement various interior design themes.
  • Cost-Effective: Reed diffusers are cost-effective in the long run. The oils last for an extended period, and you can replace the reeds if they become saturated or discolored. This means you can enjoy a pleasant fragrance in your home without continually buying candles or refilling electric diffuser cartridges.
  • Great for Sensitive Individuals: For individuals who are sensitive to strong scents or suffer from allergies, reed diffusers offer a milder and less intrusive way to enjoy fragrance. The gradual release of aroma is less likely to overwhelm the senses, making it suitable for those with sensitivities.

The appeal of reed diffusers lies in their ability to provide a consistent, low-maintenance, and customizable fragrance experience while adding a decorative element to your living space. They are a safe and cost-effective choice for anyone looking to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere in their home or office.

How Much Fragrance Oil for Reed Diffusers

The amount of fragrance oil to use in a reed diffuser depends on the size of the diffuser and your personal preference for the strength of the scent. However, a common ratio is to use about 20-25% fragrance oil and 75-80% base oil (such as a carrier oil) in your reed diffuser mixture.

Here’s a simple recipe to make a reed diffuser:


  1. Fragrance oil: 20-25% of the total mixture
  2. Base oil (carrier oil): 75-80% of the total mixture
  3. Reed diffuser sticks
  4. A container or vase to hold the mixture


  1. Choose a container or vase for your reed diffuser. Make sure it has a narrow neck to slow down evaporation.
  2. In a separate container, mix 20-25% fragrance oil with 75-80% base oil. The base oil helps to carry and disperse the fragrance.
  3. Stir the mixture well to ensure the fragrance oil and base oil are thoroughly combined.
  4. Pour the mixture into your chosen container.
  5. Insert the reed diffuser sticks into the container. The fragrance will travel up the sticks and diffuse into the air.
  6. Flip the reed sticks occasionally to refresh the scent. The frequency of flipping depends on your preference for the strength of the fragrance.

It’s always a good idea to start with a smaller amount of fragrance oil and adjust based on your preference. If the scent is too strong, you can dilute the mixture with more base oil. If it’s too weak, you can add more fragrance oil. Experiment to find the balance that suits your taste and the size of the space you want to fragrance.

Determining the Right Essential Oil Amount

essential oil amount for reed diffusers
essential oil amount for reed diffusers

Consider the Size of Your Diffuser

The amount of essential oil you should use in a reed diffuser largely depends on the size of the diffuser. Smaller diffusers will require less oil, while larger ones will need more. As a general rule of thumb, for a small diffuser, start with 10-15 drops of essential oil. For medium-sized diffusers, use 15-20 drops, and for larger ones, opt for 20-25 drops.

Mixing Essential Oils

Many enthusiasts enjoy creating custom fragrance blends by mixing different essential oils. When doing so, ensure that the total number of drops used still falls within the recommended range for your diffuser’s size.

The Importance of the Base Oil

reed diffuser base oils
reed diffuser base oils

What is Base Oil?

Base oil, also known as carrier oil, is an essential component of a reed diffuser. It serves as a medium to dilute the essential oil and helps to slow down the rate of evaporation. Common base oils include almond oil, safflower oil, and grapeseed oil.

Finding the Right Balance

To determine the correct amount of base oil, you should aim for a ratio of 70-75% base oil to 25-30% essential oil. This balance ensures that the fragrance is released slowly and evenly, providing a longer-lasting scent experience.

Safety First

Dilution for Safety

Using too much essential oil in your reed diffuser can result in an overpowering scent and may even be unsafe. Overly concentrated oils can cause irritation and allergic reactions. Always prioritize safety by following recommended dilution guidelines.

Keep Out of Reach of Pets and Children

Reed diffusers should be placed in locations where they cannot be knocked over by pets or children. Essential oils are not meant for consumption, and it’s crucial to prevent accidental spills.

Tips for Optimal Diffusing

clear reed diffuser
clear reed diffuser

Flip the Reeds

To refresh the scent, gently flip the reeds every week or as needed. This helps to redistribute the fragrance throughout the room.

Placement Matters

Position your reed diffuser in an area with good air circulation. Placing it near a fan or an open window can help disperse the scent effectively.

Experiment and Adjust

Finding the perfect fragrance intensity may take some experimentation. Start with fewer drops of essential oil, and gradually add more if you desire a stronger scent.


Reed diffusers are a wonderful addition to any living space, providing a continuous and delightful aroma. To make the most of your reed diffuser, remember to consider the size of your diffuser, the balance of essential oil to base oil, and, most importantly, safety precautions. With the right approach, you can enjoy a fragrant and inviting environment.


Can I use any essential oil in my reed diffuser?

Yes, you can use a variety of essential oils in your reed diffuser. However, it’s essential to choose oils that are safe for diffusion and are pleasing to your senses.

How often should I change the reeds in my diffuser?

It’s a good practice to change the reeds every 2-3 months or when you switch to a different fragrance to maintain optimal diffusion.

Can I use water as a base for my reed diffuser?

No, water should not be used as a base for reed diffusers. Always use a suitable carrier oil to dilute your essential oils.

Are reed diffusers safe for use around pets?

While reed diffusers are generally safe, they should be placed out of reach of pets. Some essential oils can be harmful to animals.

Can I reuse the reeds after changing the fragrance?

You can reuse reeds if they are still in good condition. To do so, simply rinse them with hot water and let them dry before placing them in a new fragrance mixture.

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